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Entry #5

Oryaaaaaaaaaa... oh well. BRAINSTORMING

2012-02-15 15:08:53 by Lugen

Man! Making a project alone is taking a toll in my sanity, but... but it's freaking AWESOME how it feels!
Just expressing it here how it feels. What do we have here and what's up coming? Well as again and always I need some good BGM. Credits will be yours if it truly deserves. Gaah I just hope this one works out way better than my first.

I'm digging up some reliable sources and some good anatomy book. I still haven't decided if I should go with music only and no voices output on this project. As far as I'm concerned, everything is dark and gloomy... with some gore!!! oh yeah~ blood is everything bibi.

Not much of anything that is likely way too awesome. Still young and studying.

-- Lugen here sighing out.

Oryaaaaaaaaaa... oh well. BRAINSTORMING


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2012-02-16 13:58:04

I like the way this looks Lugen. I'm looking forward to it. Remember, if you need any help with voices, I'd love to help you out. Unfortunately I can't do much about helping you with the animation itself, because I am not that great of an artist, and I actually have a big project myself I'm working on. I MIGHT be able to help you with the BGM, but I need to get my keyboard back from my friend first :P

Lugen responds:

I'll be counting on you :D


2012-02-17 01:16:57

for now this scene <a href=" b982ae6d588e669dcb5625">here</a> is what I've been working at.


2012-04-06 06:53:15

Anything new?


2012-05-14 08:17:56

looks alright