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I'm what they call a nocturnal kind who enjoys solitude and enjoys pretty much everything that is interesting.

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Posted by Lugen - February 15th, 2012

Man! Making a project alone is taking a toll in my sanity, but... but it's freaking AWESOME how it feels!
Just expressing it here how it feels. What do we have here and what's up coming? Well as again and always I need some good BGM. Credits will be yours if it truly deserves. Gaah I just hope this one works out way better than my first.

I'm digging up some reliable sources and some good anatomy book. I still haven't decided if I should go with music only and no voices output on this project. As far as I'm concerned, everything is dark and gloomy... with some gore!!! oh yeah~ blood is everything bibi.

Not much of anything that is likely way too awesome. Still young and studying.

-- Lugen here sighing out.

Oryaaaaaaaaaa... oh well. BRAINSTORMING

Posted by Lugen - October 23rd, 2011

Today (October 24, 2011), character Valcrine Meveskus was born. Now, all I need to do is give him some weapons. Still, working on a flash animation while gathering up necessary sound effects so that it won't feel horrible/out of flow.

...while still getting pound by C# programming.

Still working on a flash animation... I need some good ambient bgm sooo bad.

Posted by Lugen - October 8th, 2011

I don't know if what I'm submitting is bad art or maybe *gasp* crappy/trashy. But I'm noticing some kind of pattern in my inbox. After a whole day, I'll be having no rights to have my submission on the art portal reviewed and rated (to put it simply, get unscouted).

Am I not following the rules? I always keep them on check and all of my works are from me. I don't know why. But well, I guess it can't be helped.

But it can't be helped why I'm getting out. I'm kinda lost in direction and pissed off in a way.

Aside from that, I'm working on a flash animation while having an undivided attention at studying C# programming language.

Posted by Lugen - October 5th, 2011

Walking cycles. Check
Slow motions. Check
Audio. Cross
Character designs. It's complicated
NG's movie standards. Keeping it on track
Needs help. A MUST
Tutorials. Forcing it in the brain

It sure is hard to make a fine quality flash anim. Waaaa

Working on a Flash animation.

Posted by Lugen - September 20th, 2011

Hello Newgrounds!
Yay games!
Yay parodies!
Yay everything by everyone!

I feel very new. Yay!