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Hmm not bad for the action. I just only think you should put fluidity in it.

You got that right... brother.

I'm gonna spell it awesome for you

Animation and the graphics are all throughout very nice.
The audio is a little bit out of sync. You mentioned you got the audio on a freeweb or freesound on the credits. You could match the audio by adding the frames in your actions of the animation or you could edit the tempo/the overall sound by audacity (or any freeware audio editing software would suffice).

It's at least I could suggest with. But hey! It's a promise that the next one would be better. :D

Zarnagel responds:

Thanks for the adivce :) I added some frames, it should be better now.

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Ehehehe. This is actually good to kill time like one of those jelly toys. Great Idea!

Now this is interesting

Worth the wait. Feels like a Dragon Quest kind of game.
The way how you situate the game is interesting. You can equip your tower (berserkers) with weapons or armor for better ups. Each tower(character) is just a unique individuality making it more strategic. To spice it up, having levels and experience system would make even more interesting through learning skills and such for better gameplay.

It's worth a 5.


I need more than a shotgun round to blast off this...


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Gives me the chills I need to rockon

I can't give it a 5, but a 100 if it's possible. It gives me the feeling I need after hearing this piece. It makes my heart race into an adrenaline rush.

Adjeye responds:

The adrenaline part is where I always aim for in Dnb :P, never heard anyone actually say.

Thanks for saying it :)

Great Teaser

I can't wait for you to post the full version of this song.

A very intriguing piece

I feel like I'm watching a protagonist fights his/her way till the end of his/her tragic. It is like there's a basis of a story with this music.

AetherX responds:

I love when I can make a listener visualize something. Unfortunately, I can't remember what I was thinking about when I did this....

Thank you very much for the review!

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blauwwolkje92 responds:

kay ,ill do that .

It's totally Ruby's out of character in this comic strip. It might be better if it's Gold you're portraying about. Well, a parody's a parody. Good job on showing how it flows especially on the third scene.

Nice coloring but the proportionality just killed it.

fadedshadow responds:

yeah the arms were a little off. oh well

I'm what they call a nocturnal kind who enjoys solitude and enjoys pretty much everything that is interesting.

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